Afternoon tea in Greenwich

Today was an absolutely stunning London Autumn day. I had arranged to meet up with my friend Steph who has just moved over from a million different places to work here for a while. Greenwich seemed a good spot between our two abodes and she hadn’t been before which was a bonus.

I’d done some research for a nice place for a spot of afternoon tea in Greenwich and came across this place:

Royal Teas Greenwich

Online it looked lovely. And it did look lovely outside, if a little basic. Steph went for a mushroom omlette/pancake thing which she really enjoyed. I went for the cream tea as usual since my home baking yesterday turned into a disaster (blueberry scones that turned into rocks, oops).

The salmon and cucumber sandwiches were lovely along with proper loose-leaf darjeeling tea

The scone was excellent and very fresh but took ages to arrive.

We had a nice time there but I don’t think either of us would plan a specific trip just to go to that cafe. It is a niceish one to keep in mind if you’re in the area and there were clearly a group of regulars who go there. The cream tea was cheap (£6.95) and Steph paid under a fiver for her omlette and coffee so overall quite good value. Anyway, it was lovely just to go to Greenwich Park and look at the Autumn leaves…

P.S. (30 July 2012 – I have revisited Greenwich and provided some new options for you here).

Greenwich Park


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5 responses to “Afternoon tea in Greenwich

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  2. This post definitely needs an update sorry guys! Will pay another visit to Greenwich ASAP. In the meantime, enjoy Royal Teas as it is great.

  3. Ok, I haven’t had the chance to go back and try this yet, but the National Maritime Museum in Greeniwch has a restaurant which offers a nice looking afternoon tea for £6-22 per person depending on what you go for. Further details here:

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