Link love this week

I’m currently stuck at home waiting for a plumber to arrive and have exhausted all my boredom relief strategies (I now have a remarkably clean apartment) . It’s increasingly looking like Mr Man and I could be stuck without a kitchen sink for a few days now which means eating out. Does anyone have any suggestions on ultra-cheap reasonably healthy places to eat around the E1 postcode?

In the meantime, I haven’t done one of these “link love posts” before but I thought I’d share some gems I’d found on the internet recently.

An inexpensive beauty find in the form of false eyelashes over at Lipglossing (which, btw, is an excellent beauty blog)

I was gobsmacked at a Keynoir deal which included a series of botox injections and a series of other things to make you look younger for £350 (I’m 29 with a reasonably young looking face, won’t be touching this! but it is interesting)

The cutest couple ever going through the trials and tribulations of being broke and getting married soon at An Experiment in Poverty – I’ve been following this blog for a couple of years now and think they’re just great.

FaceGoop goes to Singapore and discovers some surprising beauty finds

Clever kids photography (I’m not clucky but these photos are hilarious, reminded me of my sister and I)

The V&A shop… I think I want everything they sell

Krisatomic makes me desperately want to go Iceland (the country, not the hideous supermarket)

Fashionstable photographs really good looking strangers all over London in some really good looking outfits

Rasa Malaysia’s Sweet and Sour Pork recipe, 2 years old but I made it last night and even I couldn’t screw it up – excellent. I must admit, I turn to her pretty much everytime I want to make something Asian and haven’t failed yet.

The Leg Room gets some serious bow action going on

Sarah from The Loves and Lives of a London Girl moves to Sydney and tries the dating scene there with some interesting results

and, Domestic Sluttery gives me serious mug love – how cool are these and this stunning Lulu Guinness umbrella!?


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7 responses to “Link love this week

  1. Stopping by from the LBS Tea Party! Thanks for sharing the links!

  2. Stopping by from the tea party! Waiting for a plumber here too – although in this case it’s my husband (who likes to do the work himself…sigh)

  3. Love the link love! Can’t wait to check out these sites. Stopping by from the Lady Blogger Tea party!

  4. sabrinadankel

    So funny that you’ve been waiting for the plumber while writing this post, as I’ve been waiting for the plumber this morning, too, and hence spent some time in the blogosphere…
    Great list, I will check the blogs out in the next few days.
    Thanks for commenting on my blog, by the way.

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