An outing in Soho: Ceviche & Princi

A good night out with the girls - starting with an Aperol cocktail

A good night out with the girls – starting with an Aperol cocktail

Sometimes it can be hard to choose where in London to eat – there is too much choice, a lot of it being world-class. R had this dilemma recently when planning a small birthday outing with three of us. In the end she wanted Peruvian for dinner and Italian for dessert. So off to Ceviche and Princi it was.

Thankfully they’re about three minutes walk from each other – I love how surprisingly small London can be.

I’ve been to Princi many times over the years. Their desserts are by far some of the best in town and when I go I find myself up for the rest of the night as the tiramisu is potent and delicious – there must be at least one shot of espresso in each serving. However, Ceviche was new for me, not that it hasn’t been on my list for ages, so I was thrilled to be heading there, child and husband free.



We had a fabulous evening. It started with us sharing an array of dishes at Ceviche’s bar, all of which I could have eaten two plates of (we were full, they were yum), we were served fantastic cocktails by very friendly waiters and had some good laughs in a place that has a really fun atmosphere. I loved the mix of raw fish dishes with menu items like Peruvian chicken wontons, cornbread and very tender steak. Also, the corn nuts that we started with have become the new popcorn for me.

Some of our shared dishes and G's pisco sour

Some of our shared dishes and G’s pisco sour

mmm, cornbread...

mmm, cornbread…

Wontons, steak and chips

Wontons, steak and chips

It was early so we moved onto Princi for dessert. Knowing that I’d be up all night if I ate it, I skipped the tiramisu in favour of a chocolate and lemon tart which still had me bouncing off the walls until late. That didn’t stop me from having a bite of G’s tiramisu or R’s lemon meringue pie… both of which gave me the dessert smiles.

Princi's amazing desserts, and their fresh mint tea - always a delight

Princi’s amazing desserts, and their fresh mint tea – always a delight

Afterwards we moved on to the W Hotel where we people watched and drank cocktails until midnight. I didn’t take a single photo there; sometimes places and cocktails along with the company you’re with are just meant to be enjoyed, far away from Instagram.

Have you been to any old favourites lately?

Ceviche can be found at 17 Frith Street, Soho, London W1D 4RG and Princi a short walk away at 135 Wardour Street, Soho, London W1F 0UT. 

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5 responses to “An outing in Soho: Ceviche & Princi

  1. I’ve never had Peruvian food, looks yummy and the place looks great. I like Soho as an eating destination, lots of gems to be found there.

  2. JR

    Oh god, I LIVE for cornbread. I didn’t realise t was a Peruvian dish.

    Sent from my iPhone

  3. I thought cornbread was a southern American thing. It is, but before that it was a Native American dish.

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