Food with a view: Duck and Waffle

Duck and Waffle

Duck and Waffle

Mr Man had some time off last month so I got to grab him for a brunch date. At last minute our baby sitter fell through so we called ahead to check that they were happy for us to bring BLC “of course, we take children of all ages!” So up we went the following morning for what was to be our first high end date in quite some time.

I really want to tell you that I loved Duck and Waffle. It has all the right ingredients to be an amazing restaurant – incredible view and a mouth-watering menu on paper. The service we had from one particular waiter was great and yes, I’m going to harp on about the view again. The view is amazing! The glass elevator rides up and down were probably the highlights of last month for me…

However, I didn’t love it. I didn’t mind the price – you pay for a location like that and I’ve paid more for brunch in other London establishments, but when you are paying that much for brunch, you expect it (and the service) to be near perfect.

Wonderful view on arrival

Wonderful view on arrival

Lovely interior

Lovely interior

My waffles came out slightly overdone (see picture, very crisp corner) but made themselves up by being lovely and buttery inside. The vanilla cream and berries that came with them were gorgeous and went great with my pot of green Jing tea (despite it coming in a bag and the waiter grumbling a bit when I asked for more hot water later on).

Waffles with berries and cream, pot of Jing tea

Waffles with berries and cream, pot of Jing tea

Steak 'n' eggs benedict

Steak ‘n’ eggs benedict

Mr Man was sadly disappointed with his steak ‘n’ eggs benedict. He felt it was bland and quite frankly a bit dull. His side of streaky bacon came out floppy and looking like it had been sat under a heat lamp for a bit too long. Also, for the price he expected a bit ‘more’ from his dish and said that he left quite hungry. He felt his latte was a bit average, and again, for the price we paid, expected it to be of better quality.

View down Bishopsgate into Shoreditch

View down Bishopsgate into Shoreditch

View from our table

View from our table

Looking out to Canary Wharf

Looking out to Canary Wharf

The service from some of the waiters and the snooty maître’d’ needs work. When we turned up with a baby (despite calling ahead and having the response at the top of this post) she gave us the side eye and led us to a table in the middle of the restaurant, hiding the buggy almost disguising the fact there was a baby in the restaurant, despite there being plenty of room and free tables by the windows for the entire time we were there. We had to ask several times for our water to be refilled and when it did come, splashed onto the table.

These are all things that could be improved though. Mr Man’s eggs benedict could easily be made less bland, my waffles perhaps slightly less time on the waffle iron and the young staff could have a bit more training. I still think it was well worth going up for the view and unique menu and I would try out their brunch again to see if things have improved.

Like I said, the view…

P.S. Pardon my poor video skills – we’ll get there!

Note: I did contact Duck and Waffle with the complaints raised in this post and said to myself that if they responded to it that I would amend this post. However, I have not heard back.

Duck and Waffle can be found at the Heron Tower on Bishopsgate. Nearest tube is Liverpool Street.

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22 responses to “Food with a view: Duck and Waffle

  1. That’s such a shame. There’s no excuse for snooty service and serving burned food is ridiculous. Have you told @DanDoherty_ about it? He’s pretty responsive on twitter and is head chef. We went there in the evening and it was brilliant – great service and lovely food. They clearly need to work on being consistent.

    • Consistency is everything. I did put my complaint through the proper channels so am leaving it at that. Glad you two had a great time. I have read so many mixed reviews – some amazing, some terrible – all comes back to consistency!

  2. I tried to go here in Spring or Summer this year and felt that they were up themselves to be honest. Yes, you have a beautiful location but get over yourselves. It was full and we went elsewhere but the atmosphere there put me off. Not surprised that the food was not great. Come to Tooting, less snooty and good food for a good price. Although it has been said that Tooting is the next Shoreditch, I kid you not.

    • I’ve only been to Tooting once but I loved it! At the time (2.5 years ago) it was definitely on the way up, I cam imagine it’s awesome now. Once I’m earning some money again let’s make a date!

  3. Wow. I will scratch Duck and Waffle off my must try list. There’s no excuse for service like that. Heard anything back since you wrote this post? PS. I’ve tagged you for the blogging Sunshine Award. Enjoy!
    Claire xx

    • Ooh thanks!! I’ve heard the cocktails in Sushi Samba (one floor down) are pretty good so if you want to check out the view it might be worth going there? Next on my list is Aqua Shard – let’s hope the sky high prices are worth it for a stellar view and a great cocktail.

  4. JR

    You’re not the first that I’ve heard having an experience like this. I’m surprised by the waffle burntness though – when waffle is in your name I feel they should be more on that.

    Sent from my iPhone

  5. Oh how disappointing… snooty service is never acceptable, nor being made to feel like less welcome customers.
    We went a couple of months ago for the first time and loved it. The food was excellent, and the service was good.
    Regarding the servings, we knew that most menu dishes are described as small plates, so we ordered more than one per person to ensure we had enough. They ought to have made efforts to explain their menu to you too.
    As you say, consistency is so important.
    And if they didn’t genuinely welcome babies, they should have said so up front.

    • I know – it is a shame when you are made to feel like less welcome customers. We would have been glad to reschedule if they’d said that babies weren’t welcome (or if they’d sounded even the slightest bit hesitant about it) – I personally don’t have an issue if they say they’re not but when they specifically say that all kids are welcome then they should really mean it.

      Glad you had a good experience! It seems to be very hit or miss which is why I’m keen to try them out again. All it takes is a bit of training and a few smiles.

  6. Interesting. I’m glad actually that you didn’t love it, only because I’ve been wanting to go there for a while now with all the raving reviews I’ve read. Good to hear an honest opinion.

    • Thanks! I don’t often put up posts about places that I wasn’t thrilled about but this time I thought I’d do it in the spirit of being as honest as possible on here. Glad to have such good support from other awesome bloggers!

  7. Gosh, I looked at their prices and they are not all that reasonable so yes, I’d expect decent food for that. Travesty. And what kind of restaurant doesn’t respond to a request to comment?

  8. That’s a shame, as me and my friend had an incredible meal there this Jan, everything was spot on. You got to try it again!

    FoodNerd x

  9. DAMN! Ive been saving to go here – should I not bother?!x

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