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Using Refrigeration Companies To Attract More Customers To Your Bakery

If you run a business where you need to make cakes in varying shapes and keep them displayed for customers to see them, then you are going to need a cake display fridge. You will find that they are quite attractive and that they look great too. In fact, if you are a serious baker then you might think about investing in a cake display fridge to improve your business. In today’s world of cake designing and baking, it is very important that you show off your wares to your customers and encourage them to purchase one. Luckily nowadays there are numerous refrigeration companies that can help you do this in a very impressive manner.

What Can Refrigeration Companies Do For Your Bakery

Recently, I’ve had several clients in the food service and retail industries asking me about refrigeration companies for bakeries. They understand that refrigeration is an important part of any well-stocked restaurant or bakery. What do they need to know about commercial refrigeration?

For starters, refrigeration for bakery operations needs to be very temperature controlled. You can store chilled foods at very low temperatures, but this results in lower efficiency. The best option is a combination of chillers/freezers. Chilling and storing are done in different ways; there are small refrigeration units that fit into a standard refrigerator cabinet and larger ones that are full-sized and installed on the walls. The advantage of the full-size refrigeration unit is that it has an adjustable thermostat, so the exact temperature can be maintained. On the other hand, a compact model that is installed on the wall will need an additional refrigeration unit, possibly a freezer.

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What Other Services Do Refrigeration Companies Offer For Bakeries

Air cooling systems for refrigeration for bakery operations are available from a variety of suppliers. These air conditioners can be installed directly under or on top of refrigeration units. Air conditioning technicians are trained to install these appliances correctly, so they should be able to do the job. They should also be able to make any other changes that might be necessary for proper refrigeration of the products in question.

Properly installed air conditioning units are an essential part of refrigeration for bakery operations. If refrigeration for bakery equipment is not properly maintained, it can result in a number of problems, such as the product being over-cured. This happens when moisture levels are too low, and the product is not cooled enough to prevent spoilage. This can lead to an expensive overhaul or repair bill for refrigeration companies, as well as delayed delivery times of cakes, cookies, and other bakery products. Properly refrigerated items are also safer to handle during transit, and they will keep better than improperly refrigerated ones. In addition, having these appliances properly installed will save you money, as well as help your bottom line.

Final Words

A cake display fridge is a really useful addition to any bakery, cafe or restaurant. As a baker, you know how important it is to show and sell your wares and this includes all of the food that you make. A cake display fridge is one way to promote your cake to perfection and to allow people to see what it looks like in reality and it allows you to store the cakes properly, so they will last for many years. So as we’ve established, your cake display fridge can be a really useful piece of equipment. It can even be used to house other food items, like other types of cake or pastries. Because you can have such a large selection of products on offer, you can attract customers from far and wide. This can help your business grow significantly and will enable you to increase your customer base.

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