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We Needed Damp Proofing Services

When we found out our studio would need some kind of damp treatment to the floors and walls, we were shocked, to say the least. When we moved into the building, there was absolutely no sign of any water ingress or damage. But when we had to do an inspection for the insurance company, we realised that there were some hidden problems lurking behind the walls and beneath the floors. We enlisted the help of damp proofing services and wanted to share what we learned along the way, as we knew very little before these events transpired.

Damp proofing services are used for many different reasons, most often because damp is a significant issue in many homes. Damp proofing is also an effective damp proofing treatment since the spray applied to the foundation of the walls prevents damp from entering the house. Rising damp is also a serious problem for your home, especially if you live in a high rise apartment. It’s vital that the correct damp proofing method is implemented in order to make your apartment as safe as possible.

What Are Damp Proofing Services

Damp proofing services can provide an essential layer of protection against damp, mold, mildew and stains. If you have experienced any form of damp or water damage in your home, you should hire a professional service immediately so that they can evaluate the situation and then implement a solution in order to ensure the safety of you and your family.

Damp proofing services are highly skilled at treating damp issues within residential homes. These professionals use advanced moisture control techniques to effectively reduce moisture in homes. One way that damp proofing services achieve this is by applying an impermeable sealant to the walls of residential properties. This method not only provides an effective barrier against damp, but it also reduces the amount of moisture that enters the property.

Moisture in the Walls

Drywall also needs to be treated in order to protect it from damp. In order to effectively reduce moisture in the walls, the damp proofing service will need to remove any loose drywall, paint drywall which is stuck together using silicone and clean any area which are blocked off from access using special equipment.

Once the walls of the property are damp proofed, the damp proofing service will apply a special coating to the walls which acts as a secondary barrier in order to prevent further damp infiltration. Another reason why damp proofing services use this coating is to protect the interior of the property from moisture damage which occurs if the walls are left without any damp proofing service for too long.


Damp proofing services are very effective in stopping damp infiltration into your property, but they are also important in preventing damp from penetrating to the interior. For this reason, the service will apply special paints to all areas of the property which is sprayed onto the walls in order to stop damp penetrating into the walls and interior of the property.

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