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Where You Should Go for Superlative Veneers in Glasgow

The Berkeley Clinic is saving hundreds of people the struggle of dealing with weakened or damaged teeth with professional application of veneers in Glasgow. Have you suffered an injury or damage to your teeth? Anyone who has a chipped or cracked tooth or for someone who was born with irregular shaped teeth that are unhealthy looking and unattractive then you know struggle. Having nice teeth is an attribute that most people look for in other people and not just when looking for a romantic partner. In the work place and general social relationships, people are judged harshly if their teeth do not appear well looked after. It can be very embarrassing and degrading to suffer from unattractive teeth and it can strongly influence our mental wellbeing. Below we explain where you should go for superlative veneers in Glasgow.

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What Are Veneers and what are they for?

Veneers can make your teeth look natural and healthy when they are damaged or weak. The treatment consists of porcelain or ceramic front surface that is placed on top of your original tooth. Some people initially are given a composite resin covering which is a tooth coloured plastic and glass mixture used to restore decayed teeth. This is the substance used for white fillings. Many people are put off by the thought of veneers as there is a common preconception that your original teeth have to be filed down into sharp points in order to have veneers attached. Thankfully the Berkeley Clinic have a solution to this problem.

The Berkeley Clinic

This private dental surgery have innovative technologies in their in-house, on-site dental laboratory that are expertly moulded to be applied to your natural teeth without having to damage the original tooth. Not only is this more beneficial for your teeth but it saves time as well. At a regular dentist there will be the initial appointment, then the follow-up appointment to have moulds made, the moulds will be sent to an external lab for the veneers to be made and this could take weeks. Finally you will have your appointment to have your veneers fitted. If there is a problem with the veneers such as they don’t fit or you don’t like them then you will have to go through several other stages of appointments to have the issue corrected. Since the Berkeley Clinic do everything in-house and on-site you can have the entire process completed in just one day.

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Why Choose the Berkeley Clinic to have your Veneers in Glasgow Fitted?

Since the technician is on-site you can speak to him directly and allow him to understand your expectations and where relevant anxieties about your treatment. This will solidify the chances of you being much happier with your results as the technician and your dentist are in the same room with you, discussing everything in full. There is also a department dedicated to the treatment of dental anxiety so you can rest assured they all staff will be understanding and patient with you if you are a little apprehensive or even outright terrified.

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