People sunbathing at the beach but too much is bad for your skin
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All the Major Causes of Skin Damage You Need To Know About

It is true that you should never judge a book by its cover but our skin says so much about us. Before people talk to you or have contact with you, the first thing that they will consider is the appearance of your skin. Many companies have heavily invested in oils and lotions to protect our skin and make us look young and attractive because they are aware that the skin will define how we are perceived by other people. Beautiful and tender skin will elevate our personality and will show that we care about what happens around us. But what really causes damages to our skins? Here are some of the causes:

Damage from the Sun

The sun is an amazing gift from God to warm ourselves but if you look at yourself in the mirror after sessions of enjoying sunlight, you will realize that your face has lost some of its glory. This is because direct sunlight has UV rays that affect our skin. It is true that one cannot fully avoid the sun but remember to use sun protection when enjoying the sun. Some of these sun protections include but not limited to sun hats and sunscreen lotion.

Lack of Proper Exercise

Exercises are essential for our bodies because they give the body enough flow of oxygen to every part of our body including the skin. This makes our skin to remain healthy and look refreshed. The sweating that is emitted during exercise will remove harmful chemicals from our bodies. These chemicals, if left to accumulate can cause damage to our skins.

Man Smoking a Cigarette which is Bad For His Skin

Wrong Eating Habits

There are many nutrients that our skin requires in order to remain healthy. Many fast foods that people prefer do not offer these nutrients. You must feed your body with the right nutrients that are essential for the development of a nice-looking skin and avoid those supplements that will not auger well with your skin.

Smoking is bad for the skin

It is rare to find someone smoking and still have a good looking skin. Smoking does not only affect your respiratory system but also your skin by making it drier. People smoke for different reasons, but whichever your reason is, you should quit in order to have that good look on your entire skin.

Glass of Water with Fruit Which is Good For Your Skin


When our bodies lack enough water, the effect can be observed on our skins. Skin cells are mainly made of water and so they will require frequent refreshing to avoid staying dry. Water remains the best food for our skin, and as such, we should make it a habit to drink a lot of water to feed our skin. It is only through this that we can maintain a healthy skin.

All of us were created with a beautiful skin. We should be careful not to damage our skin because it forms the largest part of our bodies. Let’s observe the right hygiene and maintain the right eating habits to ensure that we don’t get the various skin infections.


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