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Opening A Cupcake Pop Up With Event Staff And Temporary Showroom

Do you have a brand new cupcake shop that you are desperate to show off and have delicious recipes that peopled NEED to taste? Yet not many people know your little shop exists…

Pop Up events are one of the best ways to increase brand awareness and build hype for your product. By setting up pop up shops that potential consumers are more exposed to will help spread the word of your amazing cupcakes. Here are our top tips for opening a cupcake pop up with event crew and temporary showroom

event crew & temporary showroom with cupcake


Location is key in the success of your pop up shop. Traditional methods are setting up in shopping centre, city centre high streets and music festivals. These are great ways to expose yourself to a large audience. However more innovative ways to set up shop is in city centre hair dressers or barber shops, bars and coffee shops and food festivals.

Quirky Menu

In order to catch the eye of passers by and entice them into your pop up – a quirky, unique offering is key! Offering products or recipes that people will of never hear of before but sounds good enough to purchase is how you will really increase the hype of your products.


Hiring a temporary showroom rather than build a stall is a more professional and aesthetically pleasing way to introduce your brand to the pubic. The interior design of the pop up must also be inviting, trendy and represent the the brand. The pop up should look similar to the permanent shop and have the same characteristics to ensure passers by understand what your brand is and how it is different.


Social media is one of the best ways to spread awareness of your brand. Creating eye catching, slick, Instagram-able packaging where customers will take pictures and share with friends is a great, inexpensive marketing tactic that will help grow your business and make an impact at your pop up shop.

Event Crew

Hiring event crew rather than permanent staff to your business is a cost effective way in order for your pop up to function. You will need staff to clean the space, serve customers and cash up at the end of every day. Hiring event crew that are already trained and willing to work a temporary contract will massively help your business.

event crew making cupcakes

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