The Many Uses of a Power Stacker Lift

Any workplace that involves warehousing, distribution and general material handling can benefit from a power stacker lift. Find out what a power stacker lift is, what it is used for and the benefits, all in this one article.

What is a Power Stacker Lift?

A power stacker lift, also known as a walkie stacker or combination forklift, is a piece of machinery that allows you to transport materials as well as lift them. Compared to similar machinery, a power stacker lift doesn’t have a cab but instead, the operator stands behind it.

Uses of a Power Stacker

Loading and Unloading Vehicles

Because a power stacker can rise and lower whatever materials are on it, it is great for loading and unloading items off of trucks. Not only can this save time but it can help reduce strain injuries among staff and will not tire staff out as quickly.

Stacking Materials

A power stacker is also good for stacking and storing materials. Due to the height, this piece of machinery can allow you to stack items on top of each other with ease. This can be especially good if you run a large cake business and need to store multiple heavy items – such as bags of flour or sugar.

Moving Materials from One Side of the Site to the Other

If you need to transport materials from one side of the yard to the other, then a power stacker lift can be extremely useful. When the forks are down, this piece of machinery can be a great transporter and can save you time, which will inevitably save you money.

Benefits of a Power Stacker

Increase Workspace Efficiency

Ensuring that a workplace is the most efficient it can be, is crucial to optimising workflow. A power stacker lift will help you and your staff make their working day more efficient and allow you to get through everything you need at a far quicker rate.

Improve Health and Safety Standards

As mentioned above, moving a lot of large materials and loading and unloading it off of vehicles can cause strain related injuries and other issues for staff. When staff are trained in operating machinery like a power stacker lift and are supervised, then they can reduce the number of injuries significantly.

Motivate Staff

When you invest in your business and the equipment that staff use, you can generally see an increase in motivation. Staff are motivated when they know you are investing into their working process and this will only improve efficiency more.

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