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All You Need to Know About Stoves Glasgow Before You Buy One

Stoves Glasgow are making a huge comeback on the interior design scene with more and more people every month investing in stove installation. The rise in popularity of this rustic appliance can be owed to the general interior trends that are set to soar throughout 2018 which are much more natural and understated than in 2017. Last year white wash walls, bright gold metals and too much bright white everything dominated domestic dwellings while this year we can expect to see everything dialled back to duller, earth tones with a closer connection to industrial and rustic eras. Overall the softening of interiors will create much warmer, cosier living spaces. The stove is a great centre piece that ties all of these aspects together to create a complete and comfortable space.

Close up of flames of log fire inside stoves Glasgow

Stoves and Fireplaces

The first thing you should do before buying a stove is shopping around and researching companies that design, fit, supply or install stoves to find your perfect match. You may be thinking that stove installation and design is pretty much the same wherever you go but it’s quite the contrary in reality. The best tip you can follow is choosing a business that is a specialist stove company and avoid buying your stove from a broad scale store selling masses of various products. Look for a company that has years of experience designing, installing and maintaining stoves as well as fireplaces and are experts in all things related to chimney and flue installs and engineering. They will take charge from start to finish offering an expert team member for each stage in your stove Glasgow project.

Different Types of Stoves Glasgow

Most companies will supply and install stoves from British Standard stove brands. They will design DEFRA compliant stove systems to your preference and even do bespoke designs that cater specifically to your interior. Wood burning stoves are very popular at the moment due to the rustic themes encroaching into 2018 interior trends. Luckily there are experts in wood burning stove installation and have a rich choice and brands and designs to choose from should that be to your taste. What is more cosy and welcoming than arriving at home to a crackling fire and amber glow?

Black rustic cellar stove in Glasgow

Installation of Stoves Glasgow

Building the stove and installing it your home takes a lot of skill and certainly requires expert knowledge and experience to complete the job safely complying with official building regulations. You definitely don’t want to risk hiring a cheaper freelancer who ends up damaging your home or even creating health and safety hazards and endangering your family. Good companies are HETAS registered and DEFRA compliant so you know you are in safe hands with this family run company. They are also fully trained in building works such as structural and roof repairs and even carpentry so you won’t have to enlist the help of several businesses to complete your project.

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